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Across a wide variety of industries, Sonetics delivers wireless headsets and communication systems that help teams work smarter and safer. Discover how a Sonetics team communication solution can help your business improve productivity and increase worker safety.

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The Science Behind Sonetics

Our proprietary DECT7 wireless, along with Bluetooth® and two-way radio options let you communicate without having to remove your hearing protection. Passive noise reduction keeps overall sound levels low, while active listen-through provides situational awareness. The industry’s first integrated personal sound dosimeter automatically measures your exposure to sound over time, and adjusts the headset volume to keep your ears safe. Sonetics headsets use state-of-the-art technologies to keep you connected, while protecting your hearing.

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“We are in some really tough conditions out here in the desert. We’ve got wind, we’ve got dust; we’ve got equipment going everywhere. Sonetics headsets have held up really well.”

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