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Wireless Team Systems

Sonetics DECT7 wireless headsets provide rugged, reliable communication with hearing protection to help teams communicate hands-free, be more productive, and work safer. No buttons to push, no taking turns; just talk naturally. Combine the power and protection of Apex 3-Series DECT7 wireless headsets with a Wireless DECT7 Base Station or Portable ComHub and your team has everything they need to communicate on the job site. Configure a wireless team system for either portable or installed use, and easily interface with any existing two-way radio system. Sonetics DECT7 Wireless Base Stations link Apex DECT7 wireless headsets for coverage up to an impressive 1,600 foot radius from the base.




apx_377_hero_catThe APX377 combines all of the features of the Sonetics personal headsets and adds Wireless DECT7 technology for team communications.
– Stereo Listen-Through
– Wired Portable Two-Way Radio
– Wireless DECT7 Communications

DECT7 + Bluetooth 

apx_379_hero_catCommunicate the way you want to with the APX379. We added the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology to the features of the APX377.
– Stereo Listen-Through
– Wired Portable Two-Way Radio
– Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
– Wireless DECT7 Communications

Portable Systems

charging_case-comhubThe Sonetics DECT7 wireless ComHub™ is the cornerstone of a completely portable team communication system. Housed in a rugged Pelican™ waterproof case, the battery-powered ComHub serves as a portable base station.

Installed Systems

digital-intercom-son204Sonetics DECT7 Installed Systems connect wireless headset users with up to four mobile radios and four AUX devices for maximum flexibility in a wireless communication system. Easily mounts in a vehicle or control room.