About Us


Sonetics Corporation is a leading global supplier of team communication systems for challenging work environments. More than half a million customers around the world use Sonetics products when they need to hear and be heard.

Building on nearly 30 years of proven experience with emergency responders and aviation personnel, Sonetics designs and sells integrated wireless communication systems to meet the unique needs of occupations where clear communication is essential.

Our products and systems are engineered in Portland, Oregon where we pioneered the development of completely self-contained, hands-free, full-duplex wireless headsets. This patented technology allows team members to stay in continuous contact without being tethered to an intercom or belt station.

Sonetics backs its communication systems with a two-year limited warranty and up to five years of extended protection and expedited customer care – the longest in the industry. Together with its Firecom and Flightcom divisions, Sonetics delivers unparalleled service and support for the most demanding environments.
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