The next generation

Sonetics DECT7 improves over DECT and DECT6 with a number of enhancements.
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Improved Sound Quality

dect7 wide band audioBeing understood is the primary goal of any communication system. The Sonetics DECT wireless headsets pioneered communication in high noise environments unlike any before. With the implementation of our DECT7 wireless we are able to bring a better sounding communication system. The result is easier to understand communication in high noise environments and the ability to work with voice recognition systems.

Wider Audio Bandwidth

Wireless DECT and DECT6 systems typically have an audio bandwidth of 300Hz to 3.4kHz. This brings a call quality similar to an old telephone or what you typically hear in a cell phone call. Compressed and limited. Female voices are harder to understand due to the high frequencies being limited. Words containing “c”, “f”, “s” become harder to understand without the ability to hear all of the frequencies. DECT7 opens up the audio bandwidth to 50Hz to 7kHz by going lower and higher to better accommodate both male and female speech frequencies. This results in better understanding no matter the background noise.

 DECT7 vs. DECT Audio Bandwidth

DECT7 vs DECT frequency range

Lower Noise Floor

It’s already hard to communicate in a high noise environment. Your headset shouldn’t be adding to the noise. Compared to our previous DECT and DECT6 headsets, our DECT7 headsets decreased the noise floor by over 18 decibels. The result is increased intelligibility with less sound fatigue.

Broadcast Capable

dect 7 broadcast modeBeing able to communicate in small teams is our specialty. With DECT7 we are able to grow our teams to up to 100 users on a single system using our Broadcast mode technology. Headsets in broadcast mode change from a full duplex connection to a listen only connection. Perfect for tour groups. And while the headset is in broadcast mode, power is reduced increasing the battery life. But we also knew people wanted to ask questions, so the broadcast headsets are able to transition to full duplex on demand.

Enterprise Ready

DECT7 expands beyond small teams and single base station fixed or portable systems into fully distributed DECT7 enterprise wireless networked system. Our DECT7 system is able to cover over a million square feet of interference free, unlimited channels, and continuous communication for up to 200 users. SIP trunking brings multiple facilities together for even greater efficiency. Able to be integrated with existing PBX systems to deliver team communications with phone like connectivity across the organization. This makes our DECT7 wireless systems capable to be deployed as a small team system that can grow with the needs of any business to a full enterprise system.