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Improving the safety and effectiveness of emergency crews

Over the last 25 years, Firecom has become the leading manufacturer of advanced communication solutions for the fire and rescue industry. From our completely wireless headsets to our rugged, durable intercom systems, Firecom is committed to continuous innovation and collaboration with first responders to deliver the solutions you need when you need them.

More departments trust and spec Firecom communication products than any other for new apparatus. Our systems are highly customizable to meet simple-to-complex configurations. We look forward to understanding your specific needs and to delivering a customized system to increase your safety and effectiveness.

By carefully listening to emergency responders and understanding the problems you need to solve, Sonetics’ Firecom division not only develops and delivers leading-edge products but also exceeds our customers’ expectations for solving their communication needs. Our solutions always include innovative patented technology together with outstanding support and service, plus up to five years of available extended protection and expedited customer care — the longest in the industry.

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"We drove around the base on several occasions and were able to get up to ¼ mile. The system worked flawlessly through all obstacles. Thank you for making a product that works so well."

Captain Albert Rickwalt MCLB Fire Department

Communication systems and headsets for firefighters and EMS.

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