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Food Processing

From the plant floor to the warehouse to the loading dock, efficiency and productivity define the food processing industry’s ability to remain competitive. Sonetics wireless headsets and communication systems help manufacturers increase their competitive advantage by connecting workers, trainers and supervisors in real-time communication that heightens focus and concentration, decreases response times and improves worker safety. Sonetics communication solutions are designed for easy deployment on processing and packaging lines, forklift operations, maintenance and training.

Maintenance Operations – DECT7’s full-duplex technology lets workers problem-solve while they keep both hands on the job. Superior wideband audio and background noise reduction help team members concentrate while ensuring that everyone is heard clearly. Stereo listen-through microphones provide active situational awareness.

Inspections & Plant Tours – Connect up to 200 users in listen-only mode for tour groups, training and education. Teams communicate over a secure and encrypted local voice network. Unlimited channels allow multiple teams to work in close proximity without interference or signal bleed. Simple ear dome buttons provide quick and easy control.

Training & Education – Communicate clearly in high-noise areas; no shouting, arm-waving or hand signals. Talk in normal voices, use both hands for demonstrations and move freely without entanglement hazards.


"When our customers use the equipment, it's really important that we communicate our best, as well, without any background noise or interference. Sonetics products really come through perfectly."

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New advancements that improve communication, create a safer work environment, and help develop a high-performing team.

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