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Everything your team needs to communicate and protect hearing on the job site.


  • DECT7® wireless for clear, understandable voices
  • 3, 5, or 10 Apex 3-Series Wireless Headsets
  • Bluetooth available on the APX379
  • 5 or 10-user ComHub connects headsets and an optional 2-way radio
  • Range to cover the entire job site

Portable System Case

  • Wheeled Pelican Storm Case
  • Watertight
  • In-case charging available
  • All-in-one, ready-to-deploy solution
  • Customization upon request
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Sonetics’ next generation portable wireless systems offer a complete solution for effective communications in demanding conditions. Up to 10 Apex Team Wireless Headsets (with Bluetooth) wireless headsets and a battery-powered portable DECT7 ComHub™ are enclosed in a waterproof Pelican™ charging case for easy transportation and storage.

The ComHub interfaces with virtually any two-way radio using a Sonetics Portable Radio Adapter cable. Systems include all necessary chargers and components (2-way radio sold separately). 12V or 120/240V charging options for in-vehicle or facility charging flexibility.



  • DECT7 Wireless – Superior voice quality so you can understand what you’re hearing. Secure and encrypted to ensure privacy.
  • Job-Covering Range – Up to 1,600 feet line-of-sight to the ComHub. Need to go further? Connect your two-way radio for off-site coverage.
  • Stereo Listen-Through – The headsets give you separate controls for conversational volume and ambient sound, so you decide how much traffic noise you need to hear to stay safe. Your crew stays in contact and their hearing is protected from start to finish.
  • Multiple Channels: Up to 5 channels on the SCH310/SCH310T ComHub
  • Broadcast Mode: Up to 3 instructors and up to 100 students.
  • Wireless Bluetooth available on APX379 headsets
  • Portable radio connection for team or individual use


  • 24dB NRR – With 24dB of certified NRR protection, Apex 3-Series wireless headsets are ready to go where you need to be.
  • Active Sound Management – Apex wireless headsets manage sound from all communication sources to ensure optimal clarity and protection. Noise canceling and auto-leveling microphone, automatic loud noise suppression, and personal sound dosimeter with automatic input gain adjustments
  • Personal Sound Dosimeter – Hearing protection is nothing if it’s just a guess. This is why we added a personal sound dosimeter to every Apex 3-Series headset. Know you are wearing the headset correctly and have the protection.


  • Marine – Sealed against salt spray and moisture.
  • Winter – Operation down to -22°F (-30°C).
  • Summer – Operation up to 158°F (70°C).
  • Accident – Headsets Drop tested to 13 feet (4m). Also customize team colors with silicone ruggedizers.
  • Cleanliness – Easy to clean surfaces.


Our DECT7 wireless communication technology was created from years of experience in the field in the harshest environments. To find out more about DECT and it’s benefits:

How does DECT perform against the competition?

Apex 3-Series Wireless Headsets
  • Continuous, full-duplex communication for up to 10 team members
  • Broadcast mode available for up to 100 team members
  • Hands-free, wireless operation
  • 1,600-foot line-of-sight range
  • 1.9 GHz DECT7 technology for crystal clear communication
  • Completely wireless and antenna-free: No external antennas to break, snag, or replace
  • Stereo Listen-Through microphones
  • Wired Radio aux input
  • Wireless Bluetooth option (APX379)
  • 24dB noise reduction rating
  • IP-66 rated; Dust tight and sealed against salt spray and moisture
  • Battery life: 24-hour continuous operation battery with 4-hour charge time
  • ComLeather & PVC ear seals provide hours of comfortable wear
  • Fully encrypted for secure communication
  • Audible and visual 2-stage low battery warning
  • Audible out-of-range warning
  • Programmable microphone gain to adjust for external noise
  • Noise-cancelling electret microphone for optimal clarity
ComHub™ Portable Wireless Communication Hub:
  • DECT7 Technology: Connect up to ten wireless headsets in a secure, encrypted, local voice network
  • 2-Way Radio Interface: Connect one of more than 400 two-way radios via a Sonetics Portable Radio Adapter cable (sold separately)
  • Long-life battery: Operates up to 24 hours on a 4-hour charge so the system is ready when you are
  • Rugged and durable construction for demanding environments
  • Housed in its own waterproof Pelican storage case inside a padded nylon carry bag
Sonetics Charging Case
  • Charge up to 10 Sonetics wireless headsets and a DECT7 ComHub within the case
  • Watertight, rugged and durable construction
  • Permanent custom foam inserts
  • Double-layered, soft-grip handles
  • Telescoping handle and inline wheels
  • Press-and-pull latches
  • Lockable hasps

NW Natural: Hearing Protection, Safety and Efficiency

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