The Best States for ATV Trail Riding


One of the most exciting things about living in the United States is the sheer variety of available terrain. That’s good news if you ride ATVs, since no matter where you live, you’re never too far from a location perfectly suited to it. Check out our list of the best states for trail riding, whether your planning a vacation or something a little more long-term.

ATV rider in the Brimstone Recreation Area, Tennessee.

Brimstone Recreation Area is set on more than 19,000 acres and offers over 300 miles of trail riding. The trails are littered with dramatic riverside views, elevated mountain trails and provide a real opportunity to immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty of the area.

“It’s truly the Disneyland for OHV enthusiasts, and some of the trails ought to have names like Space Mountain or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.”ATV Action

Permits are required for all riders and are available at a daily rate $22.00 on the Brimstone Recreation website. Other packages are available.

Aerial view of dirt trails in Moab, Utah.

Utah is renown as a great place to ride trails, thanks in large part to Moab, which encompasses an area full to the brim with national parks, canyons and red rock trails. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to experience the best of the best when it comes to trail riding. There is so much on offer here that regardless of your preference and the types of trails you like to ride, you’re bound to find something that suits you perfectly.

The area is so popular with ATV and UTV trail enthusiasts that it plays host to 4×4 events year round. As a result, you’ll find that the town of Moab seems made for off-road tourism, with plenty of motels, hotels and camping locations. There are even facilities to rent a 4×4 vehicle if you don’t own one or don’t have the ability to bring yours along. Find out more information here.

ATV rider sihloutted against the sunset on the Imperial Sand Dunes, California.

Is there anything that California doesn’t have, apart from water? That might be a problem if you visit this next location, the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) in Southern California. Commonly known as “Glamis”, the dunes spans a 40-mile range with an average width of 5 miles. It’s extremely popular with off-roading enthusiasts and is regularly heralded as the best dune-riding available in the United States. The dunes here offer varying levels of difficulty, depending on your skill level and what you’re riding. A particularly popular place, called Oldsmobile Hill, regularly plays host to thousands of riders who gather (mainly on weekends) to watch the races that often occur here.

The best times to visit the dunes is anytime except during the heat of the summer, when temperatures regularly top 100 degrees, making the dunes mostly unrideable. If you decide to make the trip to the dunes, you’ll be mostly limited to camping options at the edges of the dunes, unless you have an RV and can camp closer to the dunes themselves.

For more information, you can visit the Bureau of Land Management website.

A dirt trail winds past a lake with a ridgeline in the distance in Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota and Wyoming.

With over 600 miles of off-road trails designed for ATV use, it’s little wonder that so many people flock to the Black Hills National Forest on the border between South Dakota and Wyoming. Not to mention the outstanding national beauty of the area. It’s safe to say that if you plan a trip here, you won’t be disappointed.

One of the biggest draws for people visiting this National Forest is the amount of terrain variation you can experience on these trails. From dense forest areas to wide open grassland, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been to multiple habitats with its 13,000 acres of wilderness.

For more detailed information visit the USDA website by clicking here.

A dirt track snakes through grass fields at Kipu Ranch in Kauai, Hawaii.

For those of you off-roaders who fancy something a little different, Hawaii is the place to visit. Kipu Ranch brings the chance to experience the tropical island of Kauai. Kipu Ranch offers something more akin to a tour experience as opposed to an all-out, extreme off-road adventure. That said, it is truly unique.

Kipu Ranch’s 3,000 acres are home to a plethora of wildlife and many instantly recognizable movie locations. Take some time to discover a bit of the hidden beauty of the Hawaiian islands. It’s not something you’ll experience every day.

The ranch is also a great place for families. The ranch rents all popular ATV models, and visitors have a choice of riding their own vehicle, or kicking back and letting a guide do the driving. Enjoy your choice of trails, with options for any budget and many different experiences.

You can find out more information about Kipu Ranch by visiting their website.

This is just a taste of what the US offers in trail riding. You won’t lack for choice, regardless of what type of vehicle you ride, or whichever corner of the continent you inhabit. Most of these trails are accessible in the winter, which means if you ride snowmobiles, you can keep your clothes muddy all year long.

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The Best States for ATV Trail Riding

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