ComCare Service Program




A ComCare™ Service Program extends the standard coverage on your Sonetics communication system up to 3 years from the original purchase date. This unique service and support solution includes live expert technical assistance and repair coverage — all for one low price. Purchase ComCare at the same time as your equipment in order to take maximum advantage of these special program benefits.

  • 5-Day turn-around time means less downtime.
  • Extends technical support for 3 years from equipment purchase date.
  • Complimentary return shipping. (USA only)

To order ComCare, contact your local Sonetics reseller, or call us at 800-833-4558. The standard Sonetics limited warranty and ComCare Extended Service Program are available only to the original purchaser, and are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

ComCare Service Program
Sonetics in action


  • Expedited technical support for product-related questions and request for services through our toll-free line, where technicians will prioritize response to ComCare expedited service calls and use best efforts to respond within the one (1) business day during normal technical support hours;
  • Expedited repair or replacement of products covered under the terms of the Sonetics Standard Limited Warranty within five (5) business days;
  • Complimentary return shipping to customer addresses in the United States;
  • Access to firmware upgrades that can be applied, upon request, when products are being repaired under the terms of the Sonetics Standard Limited Warranty, and access to firmware upgrades that may be published on the technical support section of our web site;
  • Access to technical support information, manuals, and other information as published in the customer support section of our web site;
  • Extension of the Sonetics Standard Limited Warranty period from the initial end of such period until the end of the ComCare Service Program period.


  • This ComCare Service Program is limited to eligible Sonetics products purchased by businesses and other organizations in the USA and Canada (including governmental entities) and is not available to individual consumers.
  • As the original purchaser of one or more eligible Sonetics Corporation (“Sonetics”) products you may purchase from Sonetics the ComCare Services described below. The ComCare Services are in addition to the standard limited warranty (the “Sonetics Standard Limited Warranty”) and automatically extend the term of the Sonetics Standard Limited Warranty to run concurrently with the term of the ComCare Service Program that you select and purchase.
  • The terms “ComCare” and “ComCare Service Program” are used interchangeably herein and refer to the ComCare Services program purchased by you.
  • A ComCare Service Program may be purchased by you at the time you purchase your eligible product or within 90 days following such purchase date. Your ComCare Service Program will run for a coverage period commencing on the date you purchased your eligible product and continuing for the three year term of the ComCare Service Program you purchased. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, if you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of your eligible product, your ComCare Service Program shall automatically terminate.
  • ComCare is tracked and applied to specific eligible products by manufacturer serial numbers, and ComCare may not be transferred to non-covered products except in the case of replacement of an eligible product under warranty or ComCare service by the manufacturer.
  • Product service under ComCare may be initiated by the same procedures as Sonetics Standard Limited Warranty. Product serial number(s) are required to be registered with Sonetics and a ComCare certificate issued in order to initiate ComCare service.


Our ComCare Service Program provides comprehensive care for your Sonetics products.

With ComCare, you can relax, knowing your communications system is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

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