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The independents from my Construction Blogs: Experienced Voices article give way to a team editorial approach. Content is no less valuable in these construction blogs. There’s just a different tone. More objective, less personal and more specialized.

In Part Two, we look at tools and technology. These are more focused, emphasizing reviews or a specific sector of the construction industry.

Pro Tool Reviews

Pro Tool Reviews logo.

In the 21st century, not even Home Depot carries every tool. There’s too much awesome stuff out there for the tradesperson. The more specialized the tool, the tougher it is to find. And there’s no way that any single employee who ties on an orange apron has used every tool in the store. Most of them spend more time helping lost souls like me find the exit. Mostly gone are the mom-and-pop hardware stores that only carried a tool if the owner felt comfortable using it.

So where can you turn for reliable insight? Pro Tool Reviews brands itself as “reviews written by professionals, for professionals.” Their reviews seek to answer the following four questions:

  • Who makes the best power tools?
  • Which hand tools are worth my money?
  • Which accessories, bits, and blades will last the longest?
  • How do I choose one tool over another…and why?

Pro Tool Reviews covers power tools, hand tools, outdoor power equipment, fasteners, safety equipment, and more. The real fun takes place in the “Shootout” section where writers root out the best of the best in battery-powered chainsaws, cordless reciprocating saws, 18V impact drivers, tool belts and more.


Bridgit logo.

Bridgit develops punch list management software called Closeout for residential and commercial projects. It’s innovative for two primary reasons. First, the software streamlines the notoriously messy punch list process. Second, the company was founded and is run by women. That’s innovative because women make up only nine percent of the U.S. construction workforce and 26 percent of the IT workforce.

Bridgit also produces a sweet blog. Featuring product updates, company news, Women-in-Construction profiles, and valuable insight into integrating technology and construction, various blog contributors present an informative and eminently readable vibe.

Whirlwind Steel

Whirlwind Steel logo.

Whirlwind Steel manufactures metal building components and has been doing so since 1955. During three generations of ownership, the company has amassed a lot of expertise about metal buildings. Lucky for us, the Whirlwind Team are prolific bloggers who take the time to share that expertise.

What do you need to know about metal buildings? How safe are they? What are the energy and operating costs?

Beyond metal buildings expertise, the blog also provides insight into the construction industry and its processes, including risk management, managing construction costs and construction marketing.

Nominated as a 2016 Best Construction Blog by Construction Marketing Ideas, Whirlwind Steel is a wealth of industry information that you can’t find on publisher sites.


ToolGuyD logo.

Two things stand out right off the bat. First, ToolGuyD reviews only tools they feel are within their realm of expertise. Judging by the number of reviews available, theirs is a vast realm. Posts date back to September 2009. The ToolGuyD team, headed by founder Stuart Deutsch, has been prolific since then. From glowing reviews of the highly specialized Paulding Hammer, to brief mentions of the military collectible series of ubiquitous WD-40, all posts are well-written and accompanied by quality, helpful imagery and/or video.

Second, paid-placement content is not allowed; ToolGuyd chooses which tools to review because they think it’s worth their time. Objectivity can be hard to find on the Internet—and in construction blogs—so this is a welcome island of personal opinion unsullied by sponsor influence. The ToolGuyD team isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. When they write a less-than-stellar review for a product, they do a fantastic job of explaining the reasoning behind their criticism.

Next time you want to buy a tool but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the investment, check ToolGuyd to see if they have an opinion. It’s worth taking the time.

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