Increase Productivity by Connecting HQ to Your Jobsite Crew


Directing a team from the office and getting assistance to the site from afar just got easier. 

When your work team is on the jobsite and there’s a work stoppage with no on-site resources to assist, the project gets delayed.  Now there’s an easy way for a supervisor or technician to remote-in to help direct or resolve an issue so things keep running smoothly. 

One Call Connects You All

No one can be everywhere at the same time, so connecting remotely to a crew’s communication headset directly let’s everyone hear instructions all at once.  The crew can get clarification or ask questions as needed so the information flows quickly.

No More Delays

There are plenty of reasons behind work stoppages, but lack of communication doesn’t need to be one of them.  By incorporating the Bluetooth ComHub, a central component of a Sonetics Wireless Communication System, you can use your cell phone, tablet or laptop to easily reach the entire team on their Sonetics wireless headsets. Delays are kept to a minimum and the project stays on track.

Virtual Meeting from the Factory Floor

A work crew can also headset-in to a video conference, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  The ability to integrate with a variety of popular streaming apps makes it much easier to share best practices, show off new equipment with sister sites or have on-the-fly Q&A sessions right on the factory floor.

When you’re working towards being more effective and efficient, these quick interactions get everyone focused on the same topics at the same time. Whether you’re in different buildings on the same campus or in different states, the conversation is in real-time and can save you a flight.

Link and Sync

When coordination is critical and distance is a challenge, Group A and Group B are able to connect their wireless headset systems together via virtual tethering for hands-free communication. Handy in utility line pulls, tunneling projects and applications where bridging long distances between work sites is an issue. One side will know exactly what the other side’s up to. And you get to talk normally. No more yelling into your phone or straining to hear the radio’s speaker. 

Effective Communication Solves Problems

By leveraging the right technology to enable seamless, quick and easy interactions no matter your location, you can avoid issues before they happen.  Provide the timely direction and collaboration needed to fuel your project to a successful completion.

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