Best Blogs #3: Construction Industry News


Part one of this series focused on Experienced Voices. Part two reviewed blogs about Tools & Technology. For part three, I tackle the content monsters that offer insights into multiple construction industry sectors. As it turns out, one of my favorites recently earned an award as the best construction blog of 2017. When you’re hooked on construction industry news, you may as well get your fix from the best.


CONEXPO - CON/AGG 2020 logo.

CONEXPO is the massive construction industry conference featuring new equipment and technologies for asphalt, aggregates, concrete, lifting, mining, utilities and other construction industries. Most recently held in Las Vegas in 2017, the next show takes place March 10-14, 2020, also in Las Vegas.

Aside from planning the next conference, CONEXPO curates heaps of construction industry content in their blog to help keep their site fresh and up to date. Most of the content is comprised of:

The coverage is impressively vast, from safety to sensors to big iron to HVAC. If you don’t have the time to check the blog every day, then you can also sign up for the “365 Newsletter,” which arrives in your email every Friday.


Construct Connect's Top 10 Project Starts in the United States for April 2017.

ConstructConnect is the umbrella company of BidClerk, Construction Data, CMD Group and iSqFt while also being a wholly owned subsidiary or Roper Technologies. The company combines data, software, and networking services to help commercial construction companies build better, faster and stronger. The ConstructConnect blog, curated by editor-in-chief, Kendall Jones, and ConstructConnect Chief Economist, Alex Carrick, provides a wealth of information about the business of construction.

This impressive blog is a valuable source of construction industry information. With more than 45K Twitter followers, many industry insiders are already looped in.


BuiltWorlds is content. Lots of it. The organization exists to provide “the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and connections to grow careers, companies, and the industry.” In addition to construction news, they also pool content in architecture + design, business, cities, engineering, and operation + maintenance: all sectors of the “built world.”

Construction topics vary from safety to software and robots to professional profiles. Video content exists in its own page and includes topics such as technology, safety and project innovation. This unique presentation makes for easy bingeing if you find a category that appeals to you.

Oldcastle Building Solutions

Oldcastle is North America’s largest building materials company. As such, their blog covers a wide array of topics in the construction industry. It was also named best construction blog of 2017 by Construction Marketing Ideas.

Name your pleasure:

  • Want to know more about healthcare construction? Mike Wood takes on this volatile topic with expert insight.
  • Interested in a high-level perspective on construction business relationships? Check out Reide Onley’s article on golf, life and business.
  • How about some safety tips? Frick and Frack bumble through multiple scenarios in their light-hearted video blog.
  • Looking for more data on construction costs projections? You’ll find that here too.

With multiple contributors and an epic content roadmap, you can spend hours every week on Oldcastle’s blog.

Quick Reference Guide

To sum up, I hope you’ll visit the Sonetics blog for construction industry communication and safety insight. For experienced, independent voices check out:

For tools and technology expertise, visit:

Finally, for construction industry news, remember:

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