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Silicone Ruggedizers

Silicone ruggedizers are compatible with all Apex 3-Series Wireless Headsets.

  • Identify and differentiate teams and positions
  • Adds extra abrasion resistance and impact protection
  • Available in a variety of standard colors: Safety Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Pink, Red, Blue, Forest Green, Pink, Green, Purple, Tan, Grey, White, Black and Glow-in-the-Dark (custom colors available)
  • Easy to install; swap colors for different teams or jobs
  • Description

Personalize and protect your Apex 3-Series wireless headset with a pair of durable, damage-resistant silicone ruggedizers that provide additional abrasion and impact protection.

Easily identify teams and positions and enhance safety with high-visibility colors like Safety Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Pink or Glow-in-the-Dark. Custom colors are available to represent your role, brand, team or company.