Sonetics Corporation and its divisions Firecom and Flightcom hold trademarks and patents on the following:

Mark Serial Number Registration Number Registration Date
SONETICS 77669717 3724766 15-Dec-09
SONETICS 8623894 8623894 15-Mar-12
FLIGHTCOM 85572291 4330532 07-May-13
Flightcom logo. 75760956 2355223 6-Jun-00
FIRECOM 85572285 4725990 28-Apr-15
FIRECOM 4020335 4020335 3-Jan-06
Firecom logo. 77534190 3605446 14-Apr-09
DENALI 75594438 2367099 11-Jul-00
DECT7 logo. 86419856 4838105 20-Oct-15
DECT8 87075950 5128666 24-Jan-17
Patent # Title
10075571 Dual Antenna Communication Headset
9917940 USB programmable dual antenna communications headset system
9838776 Restricted ball and socket joint for headset earcup
9707011 Headset with fit detection
8746640 Hanger hook
8456985 Vehicle crew communications system
8290526 Wireless ground support systems
8126492 Vehicle communications system
6295366 Aircraft headset
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