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Field-proven Apex wireless communication solutions from Sonetics Corporation improve team effectiveness, productivity, and safety through continuous hands-free full-duplex team communication. Our rugged Apex wireless headsets are specifically designed to withstand demanding environments while delivering hearing protection and outstanding clarity at up to a 1600 foot range. Apex systems can be configured to your specific requirements, including an optional interface with almost any 2-way radio to expand communications within existing or new wide-area systems.

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Sonetics Apex wireless systems are designed to operate with

  • Trucks and other road-legal vehicles
  • Aerial lifts, bucket trucks, tunnels
  • Construction equipment
  • Railroad equipment
  • Fixed-location equipment such as industrial cranes
  • Buildings and other structures and facilities

Sonetics Apex wireless systems improve operations in

  • Freshwater supply
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Dams, waterways, irrigation systems
  • Electricity generation: hydroelectric, coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind
  • Electricity transmission & distribution: construction, maintenance, & repair
  • Natural gas distribution: construction, maintenance, & repair
  • Highway and road construction, paving, repair, maintenance, paint striping
  • Bridge construction, repair, maintenance, painting
  • Outdoor public facilities : construction, maintenance, & repair of parks, beaches, etc.
  • In some countries: telecommunications, railroads, airports, sports arenas, etc.
Apex System Configuration Example