Sonetics Marine Wireless Solutions

Wireless communication headset systems, intercom units, and radio interfaces

Whether your work is in the engine room, topside, or on shore nearby, Sonetics Marine Wireless communication solutions will increase crew safety and effectiveness while reducing incidents and losses – improving key operational results. Rugged and reliable design, simple installation, and ease-of-use minimize total cost of ownership.

Increase crew SAFETY with:

  • Hands-free communication
  • Instant real-time verbal warnings
  • Hearing protection and communication
  • Reduced stress levels
Improve crew EFFECTIVENESS when they:

  • Communicate regardless of noise levels
  • Cooperate in darkness, bad weather, lack of visibility
  • Are free to move about and remain in contact
  • Get continuous verbal supervision and training
Improve FINANCIAL RESULTS when you:

  • Reduce incidents and accidents
  • Minimize losses to physical assets
  • Decrease injury claims and compensation
  • Lower insurance costs

Why Sonetics Marine?

For 30 years, Sonetics has been trusted to supply rugged communication headsets and systems for critical use in challenging high-noise, high-risk environments by firefighters and first responders, pilots and aviation ground crews, military operators, industrial and construction crews, and marine operators. We lead our markets with patented technology and superior factory warranties, service, and support. You can depend on Sonetics to deliver team communication systems that meet your exact needs and to partner with you into the future.

Who is Sonetics?

Sonetics designs, manufactures, and supports wireless communication headset systems. Unlike any two-way radio, all of our solutions use FCC-licensed interference-free “full-duplex” communication technology. Like a telephone conference call, everyone on a Sonetics system can simultaneously hear and be heard without breaking from work to push a transmit button or missing critical communications because of sharing radios or channels. Proven rugged in the most demanding situations, Sonetics offers complete packaged systems in configurations for portable or fixed use. Systems can be configured and user-adjusted to deal with varying noise levels for your specific vessel and operational needs for both idling and cruising, topside and engine room, or on-shore and onboard.

How it Works

Sonetics wireless headsets maintain continuous hands-free communication among your crew. Their unified design eliminates breakable external antennas or snagged and unreliable connecting wires while delivering 26dB of hearing protection. Over-the-head and hardhat-compatible versions are available. Water-resistant and comfortable ear seals, waterproof microphone, extended operating temperature, and IP65 rated rugged design make these headsets ready for marine work environments.

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