Apex System Options

Sonetics’ Apex wireless solutions can be configured to meet a broad range of team communication requirements. This interactive system options drawing illustrates the flexible components in an Apex system. Always contact Sonetics for final configuration of any system prior to ordering.

The portable Comhub® (in center of larger circles) each communicate wirelessly with up to twelve wireless headsets. Multiple Comhubs coupled with two-way radios can be incorporated to expand the number of users/headsets in a single system. Comhubs connect via an intercom unit. Multiple intercoms can be incorporated to expand a single system up to 60 headsets (up to 120 in EU). Intercoms can also optionally extend connection(s) to mobile radio(s) and their users, or to other Sonetics systems – expanding the usefulness of available 2-way radios in challenging environments.

Apex System Configuration Example