Stealth Headsets

Sonetics Belt Packs permit the integration of wired headsets into a Sonetics wireless team communication system, primarily for users that do not require the hearing protection and features of Sonetics wireless headsets. Each belt pack provides wireless communication to a Base Station or Communication Hub for a single Sonetics Stealth or wired headset – or for a compatible headset from other manufacturers.

Belt packs provide the same secure, digitally encoded, and interference-free communications as Sonetics wireless headsets. When operated as part of a wireless system, up to 60 headsets and/or belt packs can be connected.

Sonetics Stealth Headsets are designed for applications where hearing protection is not required. All models offer full-duplex wireless operation using a Sonetics SON231 Belt Pack and can be combined in wireless systems with Sonetics Apex and Triton Wireless hearing-protection headsets.

Stealth headsets include a heavy-duty locking plug for reliability and static-free communications. Headsets are optionally available with a functioning inline PTT switch for applications where an open microphone is not desired.

SON231 Belt Pack
The Sonetics SON231 belt pack is engineered to convert a wired headset into a wireless device. Plug a wired headset into the belt pack and all cords are eliminated – you are untethered. Th... read more
STL-10 / STL-10PTT Ear Bud Headset
Ear Bud Headset
Stealth lightweight single ear bud style headset – intended for simple communication tasks. Single ear bud is designed to fit either the left or right ear. In... read more
STL-20 / STL20-PTT Single-Wire Monitoring Headset
Single-Wire Monitoring Headset
Stealth lightweight single-wire monitoring headset. Miniature microphone is mounted with a durable clothing clip for full-duplex communication. A... read more
STL-30 /  STL-30PTT Single Earphone Behind-the-Head Headset
Single Earphone Behind-the-Head Headset
Lightweight behind-the-head headset with single left earphone. Designed for extended wear in active environments with ultra-lightweight f... read more
STL-40 / STL40-PTT Lightweight Tactical Headset
Lightweight Tactical Headset
This lightweight tactical-style monitoring headset incorporates a flexible contoured ear hanger which can be easily adjusted for fit. Includes a qui... read more
STL-50 / STL-50PTT Lightweight Overhead Headset
Lightweight Overhead Headset
This single-muff, adjustable, lightweight headset provides high-clarity and hands-free discreet two-way communication while maintaining the comfort ... read more
STL-60 / STL-60PTT Two-Wire Discreet Headset
Two-Wire Discreet Headset
This lightweight two wire monitoring headset includes a lightweight earphone, flexible ear tip, radio connector, and clothing clip. The quick-disconnect... read more
STL-70 / STL-70PTT Lightweight Heavy-Duty Behind-the-Head Headset
Lightweight Heavy-Duty Behind-the-Head Headset
This lightweight but heavy duty behind-the-head headset combines behind-the-head style with a single left speaker. The speaker rot... read more