Base Stations

Sonetics Base Stations provide the radio frequency links within Sonetics wireless systems. Base Stations are available in self-contained portable battery-powered configurations (ComHub™ and MiniHub™) and in configurations for dedicated mounting in fixed or mobile applications (Multiple-User, and Single-User Base Stations). Up to 60 wireless users can be configured into a single team communication system by interconnecting Base Stations using a Sonetics Intercom unit.

All Base Stations support secure full-duplex wireless communication with Sonetics wireless headsets up to a 1600-foot line-of-sight range (600m. in EU) employing the 1.9GHz DECT6.0 protocol (1.8GHz DECT in EU). All Base Stations (except for the MiniHub) can be configured to support a 2-way radio interface, allowing headset users to extend communications beyond the local team system through mobile or portable radios.